Welcome to the Ella Clinic

olymp trade review The Ella Clinic was established in the West End in the heart of the medical district in 2003.
What makes us unique is our approach to patient care which can be described as holistic dentistry. This means that when you come and see us for your dental needs we take into consideration your complete medical history and how the integration of different fields can help us customise the best treatment plan for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When removing the Amalgam/Mercury filling what do you place instead?

We use a material which is advised by the IAOMT as safe solution, the composite filling we place is BPA free.

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What do I expect at the first appointment?

A full dental check up is done, the periodontal status is checked, oral cancer screening is performed, x-rays are taken if needed, we discuss your individual treatment plan with you and explain everything thoroughly.

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Will I need antibiotics to support the periodontal laser treatment?

The interaction of the laser with the tissue in studies has shown that the need of antibiotic treatment is significantly reduced. The periodontal laser treatment is very gentle and gives you almost no post op discomfort or pain.

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